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“We have been consistently impressed with the standard of care at Wylde green nursery. The staff are very friendly, always happy to answer questions and obviously develop strong relationships with the children. We are particularly impressed with the pre-schoolers education (phonics/writing etc.) Which we feel was of particular benefit to our son before he went started school. We have been amazed with Grace’s progress with her counting and writing”.  By Charlotte Barry



“He’s a different person! He’s come on so much thanks to your creativity, care, encouragement and enthusiasm. He’s really confident playing with children of all ages and a lovely little person”.  By Laura Fairbanks


“I think that the welcome we get from staff is excellent. As a parent it can be hard to leave your child/ren in the care of others. In my opinion you make that experience easier. I feel very trusting of the nursery and the staff and I feel 100% confident leaving my child in their care. I love the open plan environment and the opportunities that brings for Joshua.”   By Alison Roberson 

“Key workers and all staff are always aware of Naina’s daily activities, achievements and weekly attendance. Great to see the staff working coherently and tending to Naina’s needs. A real tailored one-to-one approach. Excellent”!

By Baljit Ruprah


“The staff at Wylde Green nursery always seem to go the extra mile. Rory has come on so much in the last year he always enjoys nursery!

Thank you for all your help looking after Ben. You all do an amazing job, the nursery seems so well organised and structured yet children have lots of freedom to have fun and be independent. There is so much to offer at the nursery to stimulate the children”. By Liz Blackman


“We like the wide range of different activities available for Jacob. We talk to parents of other children at other nurseries and it makes us appreciate what a great nursery yours in and how lucky we are”! By Clare and James Ferguson

“Consistency of approach to childcare, all staff have a clear/shared vision. All staff are well trained and have an obvious love of what they do. Keep up the good work we know how well your care has helped both our children develop thank you”! By Lisa Little

“The warmth of the staff, Arthur is really excelling through his time at nursery. Every day he come home and tell us all about his adventures that day, huge range of activities offered. In the past six months his speech has come on leaps and bounds. Nursery has helped his general development and is creating a very confident little boy thank you”. By Emma and Colin Richardson


“After a difficult start settling in, Sidney has gained confidence and is now really enjoying nursery, which we feel shows how much care and effort has taken with Sidney, and what a nurturing environment the nursery provides. He’s really enjoyed nursery and it’s allowed him to do activities he wouldn’t necessarily do at home or playgroup”

  By Emily Jackson