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Our Community


"Our Community" is an important part of our nursery and children are intent on learning about themselves and their world of people and things. Therefore we have carefully designed and created different areas by reflecting upon how children make connections from their homes and within their community. The home corner area, the recycling, the gardening and the cooking area are all areas, which invite and enable all children to freely express themselves, allowing for opportunities of interest, knowledge and experience to expand. All areas are suitably equipped and are presented to all children to further their curiosity, creativity and imagination.

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"Learning starts with a child’s dramatic imagination. Play is the stuff of life. The logical narratives that develop in the home corner, gardening area and cooking area, open the door for all future narratives about friendship, family and community". - Vivian Gussin Paley

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Another strong and highly used area associated to our community area is the ‘Message area’; this large and spacious area is always in use and attracts a lot of interest from children. Even though mark making can take place anywhere, the area it self is always well replenished with plenty of writing, and mark making tools, which are displayed in a attractive, organised and visual pleasing way.

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"Children use writing and drawing as a powerful tool for thinking. In different ways and at different rates, they develop a range of mark making skills and strategies". - Ursula Kolbe

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