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Art & Music Area


The art area is one of our most used and inviting areas, it is designed and presented with various realistic tools and resources to allow children to be creative, imaginative and self-expressive. From an early age we encourage children to explore and experience clay, wood, wire & paint and to spend time collaging, cutting, mixing, painting, building and moulding. All children are encouraged to respect and value these resources and to look upon them as ‘ intelligent materials’ with enormous creative possibilities.

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An extension of this area is our project room (atelier) combined with a science area, a place of high experimentation and lots of discovery with specialised equipment and resources such as the light table, overhead projector, computer and translucent and transparent materials. This area allows all children to develop their ideas over a long period of time and create 2D or 3D large/small objects of beauty and value.

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Music and dance are also fundamental for our children’s learning, in order for them to freely express their thinking, ideas and feelings. Here at the nursery we encourage children to respond to sound and to see the language of music as a tool for interpreting and understanding the world.

"Art sharpens children’s powers of observation, heightens their sense of appreciation, and awakens them to the possibilities of their own hands, hearts and minds". - J C Arnold

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It is through these sensory experiences and positive relationships that children begin to learn and develop. The staff team work closely with the parent’s/carers to follow the child’s familiar routines from home to support the settling in process for the child. 

"Young children’s musical experiences are primarily based on the discovery of sound, and that social, environmental, and procedural conditions for children’s music making should be carefully planned and observed". - Pond

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