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Our building has been part of Wylde Green School for over 100 years.   The relationship with the school will continue in terms of co-operation and support as well as access to facilities.  We hope that a significant number of our children will progress to Wylde Green School. 

Childs drawingGeneral Information about our Nursery

  • Registered for 55 children aged from 1 – 5 years.
  • Open from 7:30am to 6.00pm.
  • Nursery Education Grants for 3 and 4 year olds.
  • Early year’s curriculum for all ages.
  • Computer access for all children.

LogoAs a nursery we are subject to regular reviews by OFSTED the government’s central agency responsible for monitoring standards in care and education.  We would like to share with you some extracts from our last OFSTED Inspection Report:

Helping children to be healthy

* The provision is outstanding.

* Children are welcomed into a lively, child-orientated and very clean environment where they can play, rest, sleep and be active according to their needs.

* Children enjoy a wide range of physical activities and develop an impressive control over their bodies because staff effectively organise stimulating daily indoor and outdoor activities.

* The staff have an excellent understanding of each child’s stage of development which means that the youngest children are confident to try out new skills, ask for help when needed and set their own limits within the safe environment.

 * Children are provided with delicious, nutritious meals and snacks that appeal to them and meet their dietary needs.

Protecting children from harm or neglect and helping them stay safe

* Children are cared for in a stimulating, lively environment where risks of accidental injury are minimised because the staff are extremely vigilant and use thorough risk assessment to reduce potential hazards.

* Children have safe access to a good range of high quality play resources and equipment appropriate to their age and stage of development.

Helping children achieve well and enjoy what they do

* The provision is outstanding.

* Children are inspired and eager to learn as the staff provide a stimulating environment and variety of activities to instigate their interest.

* Children relish a regular range of excellent activities which include; art and crafts, imaginative play, constructive play, drama, dressing-up, model making, and cooking biscuits and pizzas.

* Children develop rapidly due to the care and excellent preparation which goes into the planning of daily routines.

* Children have a very warm relationship with the staff which contributes to their sense of belonging. Their behaviour is exceptional and they play with each other in harmony.

* Children achieve well because the staff are highly skilled and use their exceptional understanding of early year’s guidance, such as the 'Birth to three matters' framework.

Nursery Education

* All children are eager to learn because of the stimulating environment provided for them.
Children access an extensive range of good resources which supports their learning.

* Pencil control is developing well with daily practise in a variety of ways, for example, they write letters with chalk outdoors and attempt to write notes to each other.

* Children confidently use the computer to create pictures and more able children create diagrams and patterns with increased skills and confidence.

* Staff organise a good balance of adult led, adult supported and child initiated play opportunities to ensure that all children are challenged effectively.

Helping children make a positive contribution

* The provision is outstanding.

* Children are valued, respected as individuals, and treated with equal concern as the staff have an excellent understanding of equality issues, as well as experience of working with special needs children. Staff ensure that all children’s needs are met effectively.

* Children’s behaviour is exemplary. They respond to the staff's highly effective, clear behaviour boundaries.

* The partnership with parents and carers is excellent and contributes significantly to children’s well-being in this setting.


* The quality of leadership and management is outstanding.

* The very good induction programme and commitment from staff ensures that all adults work well together to promote children’s health achievement and enjoyment. This very good teamwork enhances children’s care and learning. Children are eager to attend and relish their time in a lively and safe setting, which puts them first.

* Along with the management team, skilled and qualified staff, who are highly motivated and committed, contribute to the day to day running of the nursery and its continued improvement and development.


Our staff are of a high quality with a wide range of qualifications and experience.


We see nursery education as an important foundation and our aim is to provide a firm base for the children’s learning now and for the future.

childs drawingBalance will be maintained between early reading, writing and number work and creative activities such as music, art and make-believe play.  The children will have access to computers and a digital camera in support of their learning.  We incorporate the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Welfare Requirements into their learning.

“Learning made Fun” is an important aspect of our philosophy.  The children will be introduced to a broad and varied range of activities and experiences to ensure that their learning is both meaningful and enjoyable. 

Children’s progress will be monitored and assessed by staff working in partnership with parents throughout their time in the nursery.  We will always be available for parents as we value their support and participation.  A parents evening is held twice per year providing an additional opportunity to review children’s work and learn about developments in the nursery.


We take the security of your children very seriously and have our own video intercom and key pad security system so that we can restrict access to the building to only those people we recognise.

Fees and Grants

Fees charged cover the cost of a hot meal at lunchtime and snacks in the morning and afternoon.  Details of fees are included as a separate sheet together with our enrolment form and the nursery regulations. 

When your child is 3 or over, we are able to claim a Nursery Education Grant on your behalf, which results in a reduction in fees.  This is available to all children as long as they do not attend any other nursery at the same time – please ask for details if you have any queries.
Nursery Regulations

Hours of Opening

The nursery is open from 7.30 am and the latest time for collection is 5:45 pm.  Full time places are based on 8 hours per day.  Part time places are based on 4 hours - up to 12.30 pm for a morning place and from 1.15 pm for afternoon sessions.

Collection of Children

The nursery needs to be informed by parents of anyone else authorised to collect their children at the end of the day.  Children cannot be released without this authorisation.


Parents need to notify the nursery if their child is to be absent.


Fees are payable monthly in advance either by Standing Order or by cheque.

The calculation of the monthly fee is based on a 51 weeks year to allow for bank holidays.  There is no reduction for any part week your child may be absent for sickness or holidays.


Any child who is unwell, should be kept at home until symptoms have disappeared particularly if the illness is contagious.  If a child becomes unwell at the nursery, parents will be notified.  It is therefore vital that we are kept up to date on contact telephone numbers.

Administering Medication

We are able to administer medication prescribed by a doctor but we do require a signed consent form giving full instructions.

Clothing and Personal Property

All children's clothing should be clearly marked with their name so that we can identify and return any mislaid items. The nursery cannot be held responsible for lost property.

Outside play is an important part of the curriculum throughout the year.  Please provide warm coats etc in the winter and sun hats for the summer months.

Protective clothing such as art aprons are provided for messy activities, however, children should wear comfortable, washable clothes so that they can access the full range of activities provided.

All children should keep a change of clothing at the nursery in case of accidents.

For health and safety reasons children are discouraged from bringing jewellery, toys, other valuables or sweets to the nursery.

Nursery Uniform, consisting of sweat shirt, tee shirt, bag and sun hat can be obtained from Clive Marks, school uniform shop on the Birmingham Road.


You are required to give the nursery one month’s notice for termination of your child's attendance.


Lunch is freshly prepared during school term time at Wylde Green School.  In addition to breakfast, lunch and tea, children have snacks every morning and afternoon.  Menus will be available for parents and will be displayed on the parent’s notice board.